Nollywood actress, Nazo Ekezie has tackled Anita Joseph for her comment about ladies who go for plastic surgeries.

Nazo Ekezie said: “I am more worried about careless and unqualified plastic surgeons getting away with murder in this country because we are more focused on shaming people who wants to change their bodies. People are doing… let’s focus on that!”

“And don’t you dare come for me… I have never gone under the knife. Let’s get rid of the hypocrisy in this country for once speak the truth…”

“These doctors should be locked up and their place of business closed!”

“Stop with the “love your body advice” it’s not that easy for everyone… These fake doctors are killing people… Let’s focus. I am so pissed! A very unpopular opinion… I know.”

“Most of the people shouting “why change the body God gave you” are also buying and drinking herbs to increase p-n-s size… A lot of you are guilty! Stop shaming people and focus on the real truth.”

When an Instagram user, @mary_lazarus interfered and wrote; “You fix your body… people will talk… You flaunt your natural body… Problem!!! See her big tummy, flat ass, big nose, arms like Abuja yam… This that… Let’s all be kind with our words.”

Nazo responded: “My sister! Tell them! Why won’t the girl do surgery when the trolling is out of hand. If she didn’t die after this surgery… ahhh! Her dm will be full with “you are so beautiful I want to see you” and believe me… it’s same people typing “love your body” on the comment section.”

This is what Anita Joseph said…

“Crystal sudden demise hurts me. This Doctors were Dey not qualified? Oh Lord I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore.”

“Like I said it’s a 50/50 chance if you go come back praise God but you will still go again that’s why I said don’t do it if you can.”

“Once you touch your body naso you go dey touch an dey go cos you must add weight you will cut and always join.”

“You must go for repairs because is not natural e be like where them dey service.”

“That’s why you see them top up the bum like engine oil because e dey less na. Sorry I’m not laughing but some people own be like fufu basin like basket.”

“Even the big yansh still dey chop breakfast ‘chai uwa ezuoke inukwam’.”

“Be comfortable in your own skin build your postive self esteem stop seeking validation from people that don’t really give a fu***k about you. I hope you know they also go for repairs. Oh yessss.”

“Just so you know big bum bum cannot keep a man ‘kpichicom’. Be you just the way you are after all ladies with small bum are still winning the last time I checked.”