I’ve Not Remarried, Laide Bakare Squashes ‘Third Marriage’ Rumours

A Nigerian actress, Laide Bakare, has warned her fans and followers to stop peddling fake news about her marital life.

NIGERIAFILMS recalls that the actress was reported to have gotten married for the third time after flaunting a cozy clip with an unidentified man on the internet.

However, Bakare, dismissing news of her third marriage, clarified that the man in the viral clip was her onscreen partner.

The mother of three further urged the public to refrain from labeling the man as her spouse.

She said, “Stop it, you guys. I have made it clear before that my clip with my colleague was from a movie set. We portrayed lovers in multiple films consecutively. He’s not my husband, it is all acting.”

The actress had previously married Olumide Kunfulire with whom she shared a daughter named Simi in 2008.

Also, she tied the knot for the second time with a Lagos socialite, Tunde Oriowo in 2013 and had two sons together.