Actress Susan Pwajok recounts her ordeal with Boko Haram

Nollywood actress and “The Johnson” star, Susan Pwajok, has recounted her ordeal with dreadful sect, Boko Haram.

The actress, who spoke in the latest episode of her podcast, Surviving Lagos, alongside her mother, Carol Pwajok, recalled how Boko Haram razed her family house in Jos, Plateau State, while they were inside it.

While narrating how they managed to escape, Susan said the terrorists also torched her grandfather’s vehicles and all their properties.

She said, “I was in Jos, Boko Haram attacked our house. They burnt our house down to the ground and we were in the house. I was with my cousins. My mum was in Lagos.

“Me, my grandparents and my two cousins, we crawled to the garden to hide and watched the house burn down. They burnt my grandfather’s hilux, benz, and all our properties. Imagine your whole life just coming down. Because that was my childhood house. We had to rebuild the house.”