Nigerian Motivational blogger Sonia Ogbonna, wife of Nigerian actor IK Ogbonna has in a fresh inspirational post,frowned at women who try to keep their man by fighting off other ladies.

This she termed unnessesary because no man according to her who really loves you will make you go through all that stress.

She further revealed that women should not see other ladies out there as a threat but it all boils down to their relationship with their man.

She encouraged women to push aside the constant fear of not being good enough, correct enough, sexy enough, interesting enough and woman enough and added that their problem is not actually the next chick,but their lack of self-love,self-awareness, self-investment and their inability of understanding their self worth as a woman.

Sonia Ogbonna while speaking on healthy relationships said

“Healthy and loving relationship is not meant for “lucky few” but for those who are bold enough to move away from bitterness and frustration while not settling for nonsense in the name of tradition or “what will people say”. “

In conclusion,she wished that women out there will shun self pity and understand their self worth as a woman.

Inspiring right?