Pint-size Nigerian actors, Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme of the AKI & PAW-PAW fame had a feel of their “street credibility” recently when they were nearly mobbed by a crowd of their fans in the premises of a pentecostal church in Ogba area of Lagos.

The two “vertically-challenged” comic actors had gone to church tom attend a thanksgiving service of one of their friends who happens to be a memeber of the church.Immediately they made their way into church’s auditorium, they were usshered to sit in a seat reserved for them in the front. As if theyn were beings from another planet, their enterance into the church almost brought the service to a halt as almost all the members of the congregation scrambed to catch a glimpse of the august visitors.

After the service, it took the combined effort of the police escorts who accompanied them to rescue Aki ‘n’ Paw-Paw from the mammoth crowd which had gathered outside thy church to see them live at a close range. As the crowd surged forward to touch the the two babyish-looking old men, their escorts quickly spirited them into their waiting Toyota Camry LE car.. It was a narrow escape..