Dr Orlando Owoh, is still battling with stroke many years after the ailment dealt him a serious blow. The Old school highlife maestro, and husky voiced musician’s condition is now so bad that it has been a source of concern to his relation, friends and associates.

The Owo Ondo State born musician had a thought that he had overcome the ailment until it suddenly relapsed. It was reported that he was expected back at his Agege, Lagos home last month after a little respite but it all relapsed and his health is now seriously degenerating.

He is losing weight fast and is now a shadow of himself, as of this information he can’t move his hands ad anything he wants is done for him by the people around him.

It was revealed that his household is completely devastated as nothing tangible seems to be happening there again, Orlando Owoh was reported to have lamented severally on his deteriorating health, wanting to know why he should find himself in such a precarious situation.

He allegedly insisted that his close relations should enquire from the oracles who or what could be responsible for his predicament before the inevitable happens, adding that every effort to save his life should be spiritual as orthodox Medicare may have failed him. It was because of these he has relocated to his home town in Owo, Ondo State.

It was reported that even his wife has gone to be with her husband. It would be recalled that Dr Olando Owoh had several neck-breaking brushes with the police and the anti-narcotics agents over his alleged involvement in the smoking and selling of marijuana during his active days on stage. Now, some people are saying that, that may contribute to his current predicament.