Oba Lamidi Adeyemi said: “I want to say that we traditional rulers and royal fathers are stakeholders in the issue of security.

They are killing and raping our sons and daughters in public. They are killing our people as well.”

“It is appalling that we still see some of the people we have arrested and handed over to the Police on the street gallivanting around. Our governor is doing the right thing but we don’t really have superior power over the constitution guiding us.”

“So, when it comes to the issue of insecurity, there is nothing the state government can do if the Federal Government fails to do the needful.”

“If our governor orders Police to carry out an assignment and another order comes from the Federal Government, definitely nothing will be done. So, don’t let us deceive ourselves. Even our governor cannot command the Army and he has no power over it.”

“Now, 70 percent of our farmers in Ibarapa have left their farmlands. They no longer farm. If we do not succeed in having State Police, the states will continue to be puppets under the Federal Government.”

“We are just operating an adulterated federal system of government. What we have today is a unitary system; under it, the state has no power to save its people.”

“If you apprehend a criminal and hands him over to the police, if the Inspector-General of Police instructs the Commissioner of Police to release him, the CP will ignore the governor and carry out the instruction of the IGP.”