Comedian Owen Gee recently clocked 40, the age that people say is the beginning of a whole new life and the comedian quite agrees.

  Owen Gee have become wiser, and health conscious and currently feels a new energy to want to achieve those things he felt were not achievable and his drive to success has also increased. However, there are things he would have loved to do better if we could rewind the hand of the clock.

He said “If I could turn back the hands of time I probably would have had kids probably at 24/25 so that my paying school fees would have covered a lot more ground.

Talking about why he is not always on the internet “…I am not a social media freak and do not believe in making unceremonious noise. Achievements are better felt rather than being spoken about. All the free shows I use to do left me bankrupt until I began to understand the business part of the industry. My TV shows, anchoring corporate events and adverts for brands are doing very well but things are about to step up one notch this year, be on the lookout.”