Hallo there my lovely fighters and lovers! Good to be here. Happy Easter and remember Jesus died so you will have life!

Nope, I am not here to preach. I am here to as usual lash out at a bunch of people. its the job I do best. I love those who hate me so much.

Today’s focus. AMAA 2009. After all the huzz and buzz of Nigerian and Ghana filmmakers, nothing shone at AMAA? whoa there! Nollywood. Home of the super stars who will soon over take Hollywood. “watch out Hollywood, here we come!” Pitched against small Kenya, Kenya that is round the bend here, nollywood was reduced to the pile of mirage effects that it is. You really want to compete with Kenyan films? you must be joking. They may not have big stars and may not produce movies in a hurry, but you cannot contend with them. They know their onions. They are well educated and well informed. They study, they train, they investigate and are adventurous.

We are the 3rd in world! 3rd in what? Pride and boastfulness maybe. Definitely not quality and anything to be proud of. Was it Zach orji who went to Uganda to “teach” the Ugandans about film making. haha. I just laughed myself into a seizure. It is in the quality. The substance in your story. How moving your story it, how well you structure it. Not how many fashionable clothes Jackie wore or how many jeeps and mansions you display. This better be a lesson to this braggarts.

All that nonsense film making needs to stop. I am not worried that Ghana did not pick up anything. Scorned was not a good movie at all. So that I am not bothered at all. I am happy though, that Tunde Kelani took home something. That man represents Africa with his work. He is the only one who makes anything good out of Nollywood, coupled with the Yoroba film makers. Good ones there.

I feel so sorry for Forest Whitaker. he came to experience another disjointed show. wait, and you expect Hollywood to turn an ear to you? how? what have you done to impress them? you paid Forests ticket to come enjoy Africa. Period. Nothing good will come out if it. First of all, organize a proper show. Journalists talking in he background, fighting each other for camera space, dark visuals, too much talking by award recipients, total commotion on the stage. Need I say something about the tacky stage? I rest my case.

At the end of the day, Nollywood is one big, fat joke.

I cannot wait to finish school. I hope you guys will all donate $1 each to my first project. lol. It will be a good investment, don’t worry. I intend to load one of my movies on here soon

Joy Della Ocloo for https://www.nigeriafilms.com EXCLUSIVE .