Nigerian football federation (NFF) president and the chief of the glass house Amaju pinnick has promised the super eagles a 50-50 share of the world cup money should they get to win it.

Many at-times money has been the reason most of our football teams fail in various tournaments as it is believed that it adds pressure on them, but the NFF president says it is aimed to motivate them.

According to him a lot has been given to them and much has been invested in them so they should in any way make the country proud by winning the tournament.

Amaju has issued that if they should go on to win the 48 million dollar prize then he will share the money 50-50 among the football team and the football body.

“I don’t put players under pressure. Pressure can be put on them unconsciously because we are creating enabling environment for them. If for example we don’t have money to prepare them, they can now relax but now, we have given them everything upfront and now, they should deliver. If today they get to the final, the World Cup money will be shared 50-50 between the team and the NFF. Winning the final is 48 million dollars, it means the team will get 24 million dollars and the football house will take the remaining 24 million dollars,” Amaju Pinnick said.

Nigeria has been drawn into a group consisting of word power Argentina, Croatia and Iceland.