With the common wealth game hosted in Australia aka Gold coast finally coming to an end; Nigeria has been plague with embarrassment and shame after the decision of some athletes and officials.

Would this be attributed to the economy of the country or fear that when they come back that will be the end of their career as many athletes has decided to elope and never come back.

The President of Nigeria Weightlifting Federation, Mohammed Yahaya has described the path taken by these personnel’s as ‘big embarrassment’ to the country.

According to reports many Cameroonian athlete had gone missing after arrival even before the start and finish of the games.

Nigerian coach and athlete has embarked on this journey also as they are no were to be found.

Yahaya in a briefing he made he had this to say; “This is very embarrassing to us because as a head coach, I expected him to act like father to the athletes. But our head coach disappeared into the thin air even before the Games were concluded.”