‘Lonzo Nzekwe a Nigerian who was recently selected by the ReelWorld Film Festival as one of the 20 emerging film makers in Canada is out with a block buster piece, ‘Anchor Baby’.

Set in the United States and was shot in Brampton and Hamilton, Ontario Canada; ‘Anchor Baby’ tells the tale of a married illegal immigrant couple living in the US, Joyce and Paul Unanga. They have been ordered by the US immigration to leave the country by voluntary departure. They agree to leave; but only after Joyce who is 5months pregnant delivers her baby inside the US. This will guarantee automatic citizenship for their child. Ignoring the deportation order, the couple goes into hiding. Paul was later caught and deported while Joyce stayed back to struggle on her own to achieve their dream. The love, hope, pain and struggle that came with this decision is bound to stir up some emotion in you.

Set to hit the Nigerian Cinemas soon, ‘Anchor Baby’ featured as lead role the stunning Nollwood actress and City People’s actress of the year ‘Omoni Oboli’ whose acting skills cannot be doubted as seen in ‘Figurine’ and ‘Guilty Pleasures’. Co Starring in the film is the Ghanaian-raised LA-based Sam Sarpong and Canadian actress and song writer Terri Oliver.

The name ‘Anchor Baby’ is actually a derogatory term for children born by immigrants or other non-citizens in the United States. The film highlights the struggles of many immigrants in the United States and other developed countries around the world.

‘Anchor Baby’ is written, directed and produced by first time director Lonzo Nzekwe. The movie is being produced under his independent film company, Alpha Galore films a division of Alpha Galore Inc. based in Brampton, Ontario Canada.

Anchor Baby movie Behind the scenes interview Pt. 1 feat. Omoni Oboli and Sam Sarpong.