Another Racksterli?: Davido allegedly causes Nigerians to lose millions of Naira

Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, aka Davido, has come under fire hours after his meme coin, $Davido allegedly crashed.

The singer joined the cryptocurrency arena yesterday following the launch of $Davido.

Davido, via his X account, promoted the new meme coin with multiple posts, bringing hope for his for followers and fans.

While some commenters embraced the idea and reportedly invested their money, some others rejected the idea, accusing the singer of not having enough credibility, following a similar incident that happened in 2021.

In 2021, Davido and some of his colleagues had promoted an investment platform known as Racksterli, which later turned out to be fraudulent.

Expressing his fear when the “Omo Baba Olowo” crooner posted information about $Davido yesterday, one of his followers, who identifies as Reverse Truth, wrote, “We aren’t buying your shitcoin. I no fit ever forget wetin you and Racksterli do me that year💔”.

This comment attracted some applause and some knocks. However, the fear of this fan and the others may have been confirmed early today when the scheme reportedly crashed.

Hours after the investment platform stopped functioning, Davido posted a letter of appreciation from the Coalition of Orphanages and Children’s Home in Nigeria (COCHIN), addressed to him.

His already tensed fans, however, pounced on the singer, accusing the billionaire of duping them the second time with his investment scheme.

“Robin hood 001 take from those that has parents and give it to the orphanages,” were the words of That Big Joe Guy.

Another user, Jahboy, who had predicted that the scheme was a scam by the artists posted, “You didn’t even wait for a week”.

Big 7 Records slammed the singer for ignoring the cries of his followers, saying, “You’re movin’ just like a degenerate, every antic is feelin’ distasteful. I calculate you’re not as calculated, I can even predict your angle. You’re not an afro artist, you a scam artist with the hopes of being accepted.” (Sic)

“Take from the poor and give to the orphanage?? Soo no news about the coin again,” Nnamdi queried.

@DavidChibuike claimed to have used his tuition fee to stake the scheme. He said, “Please return my money. I listened to you and I used my school fees money to buy $Davido.”

Another user, Big Cruise wrote, “Very predictable f00l 😂😂. I don’t blame you but gullible Nigerians that always fall for your shenanigans.”

“I just pity all those who invested in the rubb!sh coin of yesterday. Many people lost their hard earned money because they are too stubborn 😣. Today you’re giving to the orphanage to receive public praise 😒.Same script all the time. Take from Peter and give Paul. No wahala na😒,” Ugochukwu said.

As of the time of publication, Davido is yet to officially react to any of their concerns.