How my marriage crashed – Actor Sola Gaji

Nigerian actor, Sola Olaibi Gaji, has opened up on his failed marriage and how it has affected him over time.

According to the comedian in a recent interview, his ex-wife got tired of their union and demanded to leave, an option he later allowed her to explore.

Gaji noted that his estranged wife started acting unusual.

Stressing that they remain under the same roof as arranged by both parties, the actor noted that he allowed his partner to see other people.

“Me and Mummy Eniola in all the apartments we have been staying they never believed she is my wife, they thought she is my lil sis.

“If the person who is my partner denies me access to her, I think about it.

“You can never know I am stubborn until I hurt someone. Someone who is in Abeokuta and me staying in Lagos, you can see that love is blind.

“You know if my wife sent me to go get her Amala at Amala Sky in Ibadan, do you know I would go? Olaiya was one of the people who gave me the courage to approach. I later regret it.

“My wife got changed and all of a sudden she told me she no longer wanted to be in a relationship with me anymore. Even if you have someone you’re dating outside, I am not stopping you from marrying the person. But don’t leave my house. Let people see me and you as husband and wife.

“If I am dating you I can call you like 97 times,” Gaji said.