An award winning cinematographer, Obatunde Taiwo popularly known as 9ice Tee disclosed how Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-husband Niyi Johnson was almost shot on set by armed robbers.

Taiwo said Niyi narrowly escaped the cold hands of death during one of their movie shoots in Abeokuta when they were attacked by armed Robbers. He said that the robbers collected all their equipments while the leader of the gang instructed one of his subjects to kill, Niyi because he had the effrontery to look at them eyeball to eyeball.

Wait a minutes, does Niyi think he was acting one of these Nollywood movies?
Taiwo said they were very lucky as the subject did not carry out the action.” Everybody was terrified and it was just a miracle that they didn’t kill him. It could have been disastrous”.