Following the storm generated by her suggestive post about hanging out with Peter Psquare in Owerri, social media body flaunter, Jessica Nwachukwa has come out to clear the air for those who have jumped into conclusions other than the video and pictures she shared on her facebook page.

It turns out that Jesssica, as rightly pointed out by Celeb Police analysis of the fuss, is just an someone who got acquainted to Peter on the night in question and decided to take full advantage of the moment by getting close through photos and that hotel lobby video she shared.

According to her (sic): “I have tried to ignore all this Attention seekin blogs. And the way they have tried twisting up the pictures i took with peter of psquare. .some jobless blogs and Individuals hv decided to turn it into something else Sayin all kinds of trash bout a picture that was taken Without any bad motive. I and Peter are just friends N nothing more..and he isn’t complaining bout the u all shuld look for something more Productive and worthy to do with ur time than trying to make something out of nothing. . N stop tarnishing someone’s image…***( just to clear some Assholes)*** ”

Celeb Police believes Jessica is trying to turn the tables by trying to make the media take the blame for her suggestive photos and captions about Peter. As such, we will arrest, detain and charge her without option of bail at Celeb Police station until she recounts. She wants attention, but we will turn off all the celebrity spotlights she so desperately craves. Case closed, at least until we hear from Peter.