Less than a month after all the films released by Tunde Kelani were pirated, his new film, Arugba has been pirated again.

The second attack has further left him devastated, as he is now enveloped in what he calls ”the greatest and darkest feeling of despair”.

”On our part, we complied with all the guidelines stipulated by all the government agencies and paid all dues but we got no protection from the criminal activities of the pirates who are bent on pulling down our industry,” he lamented in a statement issued on Thursday. ”As things stand, it is becoming impossible for me to continue my career as a filmmaker in my country Nigeria as it is no longer possible to recoup our investment or get the opportunity to exploit economically our copyright and repay our creditors.”

While noting that he had decided to write letters of protest to President Goodluck Jonathan, the Attorney General of the Federation, The Federal Minister of Information and Communication, the Inspector General of Police and all the relevant government agencies, the popular cinematographer expressed the fear that Nollywood and the entire industry risked an untimely death of government failed to rise to clip the wings of pirates.