softsell magazine ran a cover story saying rapper ikechukwu was having an affair with up and coming ghanaian actress khareema Aguira.

The rapper took to his twitter to clear the air…on tuesday june 15,2010,he twittered

”Has anyone seen the cover of c***** mag? Jesus!Ok o,for the record I am not in a hot romance with any ghanian actress whatsoever.****people continues their quest to destroy my name.Uhm I think I have been quite clear of who I’m with.Let’s end that one.Not trying to give them free promo.”

On the same day an internet website ran a story of Ikechukwu and ruggedman having beef over ike’s fiancee.

Now would that fiancee be sarah ofili?

Ruggedman twittered to ikechukwu on wednesday june 16,2010

”you are a great man amongst men.I wish you nuffin but the best in all you do”

on june 18,2010,he twittered again

”nwanne them say we dey fight over your fiancee o.lmao”

Thehe lady at the centre of the writeup sarah ofili facebooked this

”Just to clear the rumor, I’m not the fiancee in question,never met dude before.too busy with all my projects at hand to pay attention to gossip.”

well thats a wrap then!…i dont know about anyone else but enough of mentioning Ruggedman in stories like this,its almost becoming a part time claim to fame for him.

Dont the two lovebirds look cute?