Duncan Mighty, singer and record producer, has expressed interest in being a running mate to Omoyele Sowore, presidential candidate of the Action Alliance Congress (AAC).

The Port Harcourt-based entertainer described Sowore as a “very intelligent Nigerian youth” but noted that his vice-presidential candidate, Rabiu Ahmed Rufai, is not doing enough on the campaign front.

Rufai is a doctor and public health expert, and by virtue of his profession, Mighty said he should be educating Nigerians on how the country’s healthcare system can be revamped.

The ‘Fake Love’ singer said, “Nigeria needs solution experts who are able to go into the street”.

“A man like Sowore needs a man like Duncan Mighty to tell him whatever you say can be done,” he said in a video posted on Instagram.

“Someone was telling me that Sowore already has a vice-presidential candidate and I went to his page and realised that this guy is a doctor and he has only 15 posts of pictures.

“He is supposed to let us know, as a doctor, that Nigeria should be the leading health nation. Nigeria should be that nation where everybody from outside should come have the best healthcare. For this reason, I will demand a debate.”

“It is high time we realise that it is not only when Mr President travels that the vice-president should work.

“Go to Sowore’s page, you will realise that he has over 543 posts concerning how Nigeria is going to get better.”

Mighty said he believes in the candidacy of the Sahara Reporters publisher and that Nigeria needs people like him.