Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY, is really angry. The comedian believes his detractors are determined to ruin his happiness since he announced his wedding date to his babe, Mabel.

In a text message sent to Life and Beat recently, AY said, ? I am just a hardworking young man with a very strong survival instinct. I do not plan evil against anyone. But the wickedness of man has been so strong since the day we announced our wedding date. My wife just survived another accident in the hands of the Nigeria Police.?

When Life and Beat called the comedian on the phone, he narrated his recent experiences with the police.

According to him, one bullion van bashed his wife?s car recently and rendered her ?carless?. And since then, AY said his wife has been going on cabs and okada till he would be able to replace the car.

AY said the second incident occurred a few days ago when another police escort vehicle harassed a bike that carried his wife. ?The mobile policeman, probably with the intention of clearing the road, whipped the bike operator until he lost control and my wife fell and sustained injuries.?

AY said when he heard of the incident, he rushed to the police station to meet the policeman. ?But he cocked his gun and said I should ?evacuate? the place immediately otherwise he would shoot me.

I had to call Ali Baba who made a few calls and some policemen came and arrested the man. He is in detention now.?

AY said he was really sad over the whole incident.

?I love my wife and her legs ?trip? me a whole lot. One of the reasons I married her was because of her fine legs. Nobody should do anything to spoil legs for me, please.