The word virus sends jitters into the spines of many.
They are agents of diseases considered to be deadlier than bacteria. But that is the name a musical group have chosen.

Efe and Keke, the two members of the musical group insisted their own variant of virus did not infect people with diseases but with good and edifying music.

We chose virus because we are looking for a name that everybody would remember at any point in time, they said.

Their journey into forming the group began a few years ago when the duo met in a studio in Surulere, Lagos, where they had gone to record solo albums. Their decision to become friends led to the emergence of the group.

As upcoming artistes, they are optimistic that their music will sell like hot cake in spite of the low patronage enjoyed by rap music in the country.

Though the group is yet to release its debut album, it is hopeful that the music industry will be infected with its virus as soon as its record label, Gexwill Production, decides.

To Efe, music is his focus, though Keke is currently studying in Abia State University.

Music is my love for now and if we are talking about a future here, I have to give full concentration to what would earn me money. I am not trying to say that education is not important, but for now, music is what I want to do in order to make money. That is why I am giving it full concentration, he said.

The duo are not under pressure by their parents to quit music, unlike most parents who would want their children to focus on their education. They said their parents were cool about it.

Already, the rap artistes have concluded plans to release an 12-track album titled Get Yourself Infected with tracks like Nothing Nega and Another shame.

Their plan is to centre their music on some Nigerian artistes whose media coverage is nothing to write home about.

We have blasted a lot of Nigerian musicians in that album, not because we have issues with them, but because we don’t like what we read about them in the papers. When they hear the song, they would know that we are talking about them.

According to them, the likes of Overdose, Terry the Rap Man, Ruggedman, D Banj and Ini Edo are few of the artistes we have mentioned in the album.

We talked about the beef between Mode Nine and Ruggedman. We mentioned all the stuff we have read about Ini Edo. We don’t care if the artistes are going to get cross because of that.

The song is very controversial. When we get to the bridge, we will cross it.