Nigerian singer Adebayo Adeleke also known as B-Red has stepped on the toes of his fans has he said that he was once broke in live.

The singer is from the billionaire family of Adeleke, he is the son of Senator Ademola Adeleke who is mostly popular for pulling up some hilarious dance steps, which has earned him the name “Dancing Senator”.

Davido and B-Red are cousins, and it is hard to believe that he has ever been broke considering the influence his family portrays.

From his post, B-Red said that nobody is ugly that its money that makes people feel to be ugly.

“Nobody is ugly, it’s just money,I remember when i did not have 1k naira in my pocket #workhard” B-Red said.

With this post his fans were all over him as they issued that it is all lies.

Before he began his musical career, he was touring everywhere with his cousin Davido as he was his hypeman.

In Nigeria when anybody has made it in the music industry, it is always one same story of starting from the grass.