Robbers who snatches money from bank customers based on information received from one of the bank staff met their misfortune when one of them was caught during one of their operation.

The robbery suspects who was arrested on Monday in Idimu area of Lagos, has revealed a staff of the bank gave them information about the customer, who was shot and robbed.

With the information received, the four-man robbery gang stormed the bank in two motorcycles and waited until the customer came out of the banking hall. They then shot him, collected the withdrawn amount and zoomed off.

The victim of the attack happens to be an inspector. Inspector Musa was trailed to the bank in IDimu where he went to withdraw cash and was ambushed on his way back home.

He was shot and was rushed to the hospital for treatment where the bullets were taken off him and he luckily scaled through death.

Although the name of the bank has been withheld, for reasons best known to the organization, but soon, more information would be out.

The suspect, Jafar Ismail, said that they were invited by one of the bank’s staff. He did not disclose the identity of the staff, but it was learned that operatives of Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SAS went for the arrest of the bank’s staff.

In his confessional statement, the suspect, who disclosed that was not their first time of visiting the bank, said: “We have a bank staff, who usually informs us whenever any customer withdraws huge amount. We would position our motorcycles around the bank and wait for the customer. Immediately we sight the person, we would ride our bike close and snatch the money. We usually shoot if the person put up resistance. At the end of any operation, we would give him the largest share and share the rest among ourselves. We were told that this particular customer withdrew over N300, 000, but were not successful as police got us.” 

Spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, Dolapo Badmus, said: “Inspector Musa, attached to 2 PMF Keffi, Lagos, was trailed from a bank in Idimu where he earlier withdrew some money. They accosted him in his Ford Jeep at Okunola Road near Aregbesola Hospital Idimu and was fired on the cheeks.He was rushed to Lagos State General Hospital, Ikeja, where the bullet was extracted. He was treated and has been discharged. He did not die.”