Majority of Big Brother Naija fans are venting at one of the female contestants Tboss, after she had heated argument with another house-mate, Bisola.

T-boss complained about Bisola’s recipe for French toast, as they prepared breakfast in the kitchen.

It led to a furious exchange of words, with head of house Bassey needing to intervene and make peace.

However, the whole incident did not go down well with some viewers, who are getting tired of T-boss’ antics, especially after she bragged she was not in the reality show for the N25million prize..

ThinTallTony, T-Boss, Efe and Debbie-Rise are up for eviction this week .

Some of the tweets showing their disapproval are below:

‘Doyin V-Furstenberg‏ @Tygaresss1: Tboss talking about the caliber of men hitting on her is foul, She just proved people saying she’s full of Arrogance right.

@Rx_Deyholar: Tboss just scored an own goal and Nigerians do not have forgiving spirit #bbnaija

Olusola Ajayi‏ @Oyeyemiajayi: Long and short I’m upset Coz now Tboss might leave instead of TTT. To think I’ve been looking forward to TTT going home! Sigh #BBNaija

#BBNaija #teambisola you better give your votes to efe or debie-rise this tboss must go home

Olusola Ajayi‏ @Oyeyemiajayi: I wanted TTT out!!!!!! But now the focus will be on Tboss leaving!!!!! Tboss you have really upset me with this!!!!!! #BBNaija

BLACK JESUS‏ @iam_imdy: Mehn Tboss should leave i don’t care if it slips or not….Just leave

Uche Olivia‏ @ucheolivia2: @BBNaija tboss if u can spent 25m in just a week,I don’t see wat u are doing in bbh ..give way for those that need and kn de value of money

Team Bisola BBNaija‏ @charley4kiss: No right thinking Nigerian and African women will ever Vote Tboss, she is lazy and don’t represent the Value of Nigerian women.

THAT ISOKO GIRL‏ @soyota17: Tboss no need that money

Make she no worry she go to house to meet her friends wey get private jet wey dey toast her