Big brother Niaja contestant, Thin Tall Tony seems to be tired of been with Bisola after his new found interest, Tboss seems to be giving him a little green light.

Of what looks like a way of making Bisola let go of him to be with Tboss, He had mocked her physical attributes while they were doing their morning chores today.

This could be as a result of the fact that despite seeing the whole game of TTT. Bisola who is apparently in love is not ready to let of him.

In response to his mockery Bisola had snapped back at him saying someone out there would love her with the physical attributes he put off.

She said: “You actually rubbed it in my face that I have got big teeth. You could actually rub it in my face that I am fat. It’s fine. I appreciate it. Somebody out there would love me, love my teeth the way it is, would love my body, would love how fat and big I am. Somebody out there would love everything about me. You were laughing, making fun about me but its fine.”

But wait a minute, isn’t Thin Tall Tony’s Wife Fat? If he is married to a woman with the same size as Bisola, then he really has no point other than he wanted her off his case.