mamuzees claim to fame:singing(who likes their music?)
ebonys claim to fame:famous parents(late sunny okosuns and stella monye)the green and white ball which Encomium organised at planet one on nigeria birthday on october 1,2008 may be over but tongues continue to whisper and whisper.this whispering concerns one of the mamuzee twins and ebony who is visitng from USA.according to those who watched tongue tied”she had on a green zipless skirtand her pink underwear(call it pata-nla if you like)was on display but she declined all advice to pull up her skirt and shamelessly announced that the pata is meant to be seen and later on the dancefloor she allowed one of the mamuzee croonersto run his hands all over was a show of shame.”well,what can i say?one mans meat is another mans poison,ebony is visitng from america where exposing body parts is not a crime,however,please anyone who knows her should help me tell her that in nigeria exposing of body parts is done in private.tell her also that in page five of the forefathers book,it says”Wisdom is like a goat skin bag, every man carries his own.”…selah.