claim to fame:movies.hes famously known as papi-luwe.
this memo is for sunday omobolanle a.k.a is to beg him that the next time he wants to do what he did that resulted in my sending him this memo,he should realise that a goldfish has no hiding place.according to olofofos”he was at sunny ades party in ondo state and he arrived the venue in a white toyota camry 2006 model that he had just bought and he had lots of fun and then retired to his room at sunny star the morning olofofos heard a womans loud screaming coming out of his room and she was saying ”my money no complete ooh,you must complete am”.the noise was so loud that some other aritistes who were lodged in the hotel went into papi luwes room to settle the matter and the woman kept shouting that it was not what they bargained.after a while,there was calm in the room and all was well”.please next time he should behave himself so that noone will hear what he has been up to.our forefathers say”if you hideyourself,no one will see your shadow”.he should just take this advice in good faith and not bother saying this report is a lie.teeth cannot bite itself!.l
esson learnt?..goldfish no fit hide!