i need this body of actors guild to please explain why they are expanding so much energy into the missnollywooduk project.they should explain how organising or supporting a beauty paegeant in london will help nollywood and its jaga-jaga movies improve.the president himself ejike asiegbu-oh he looked good in his casual attire)recently came on a live television(BENTV) with actor segun arinze(who looked alittle too fat)and actress grace amah(who looked worn out and tired and smiled too much)and his explanation as to why the guild was supporting this beauty peageant was a little confusing and the ‘big-big’ grammar he usedin his explanation didnt help matters at all.why is the agn wasting money chasing the wind?there is absolutely no pun intended in this report,if however they find it,they should please try to explain how their staunch support of this pageant will improve nollywood?half naked girls parading before some randy,lustful men will improve nollywood?i am not buying any excuse,call me stupid if you like!