Beautiful Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama has asked a very vital question that might have affected her one time in the past.

She kept on wondering why some people will derive joy in black mailing a celebrity . She further wanted to know why people would store old messages from celebrities, VIP, and successful people in order to use it against them in the future.

Some even go to the length of forwarding the message to blog sites where it will be used as caricature to riddle whoever is involved.

“Can I Ask 1 question? Please why do some people keep or should I say store messages from e.g Celebrities, VIP & Successful people??? As d message has expired; delete it then or okkkk, maybe it’s kept to be used for blackmail or to feel good, proof of d claim that I know a celebrity.” 

She advised celebs and those who have in one way or the other got to the top to be careful who they allow into their circle because some people are wolves in sheep clothing.