Yesterday, Beyonce and her daughter, Blue Ivy arrived Maryland to spend time with the Obamas at Camp David. Indeed, the Obamas have always loved her and her hubby, Jay Z. They are often seen attending White House parties and even sings for the family when they are asked to.

There will be a lot of fun for the ladies and their daughters this weekend. It is no secret that Michelle Obama has been trying out her vocal prowess and who knows if Beyonce will coach her become a musician after her stay in the White House this year.

Beyonce and her daughter, Blue Ivy are not going to miss Jay Z and Barack Obama who are involved in other businesses personal to them as the ladies keep slaying. Beyonce will be celebrating her 35th birthday on September 4th but the party proper will be on September 5th.

The theme of the birthday party is a Soul Train and everyone invited must turn up with the 70s themed attire, celebrating disco, hip hop and jazz music.