The fattest man in the world, Usain Bolt recently swam in controversy when bedroom of him surfaced online with a 20 year old Brazilian student.

The athlete was also seen with quite a number of women, who was said to have retire to his rooms after celebrating his birthday in a London club.

Obviously, it was a worldwide scandal as the athlete who was said to be a long term relationship cheated on his lover.

Once a cheat is always a cheat, despite the brouhaha, for the first time, Usain stepped out with girlfriend, Kasi as they headed for a vacation.

Although many are wondering why she would still remain in a relationship with a man who disgraced and embarrassed his woman worldwide when he decided to cheat.

Many are of the opinion that Kasi simply forgave Usain due to his fame and the financial benefits she gets from him.

However, despite all the talks, one important thing is the feared breakup between Usain Bolt and girlfriend Kasi, didn’t take place.