Sultry and sexy Yoruba actress, Biodun Okeowo known in the industry as Tolani Oshirin is without doubts one of the hottest and most talented Yoruba-speaking actresses on the scene right now but no many of her movie lovers know what she had gone through to remain alive today and the part her darling mother played to see that the diva remains spotless beautiful.

The single mother of two in the spirit of extended mother’s day celebration, shared a touching story of how her mother slept in Lagos State Teaching Hospital, LUTH, for days just to make sure she is alive and kicking.

Her story reads: “So I made my old woman pout. I love her so much. She watched over me on my cradle bed. For me you traded your beauty. Traded your golds so I could live. That mark on my neck! Hmmmmm you sold your all for that operation on my neck to be successful so i wont be deformed today.

Mummy tears roll down my eyes as I type now, you are one in a million,single handedly through the help of God you bought me life,LUTH was your home then ,no nurse could convince you to go home that uour baby will be fine alone in d baby’s ward….i can’t tell it all mum.
I remember when I was bullied in school as “oni gege lorun” #tears#mummy you wept with me and promised me that even if it will cost you your blood,you are ready to give. So I did my last operation at LUTH that left the scar on my neck.
Wura mi to me everyday is your day, not only on Mothers day because your love for me never cease, not even for a second. My wish Only God knows,I pray it comes to pass so I can show you how much I love you too Abiamo tooto, etubo jeun omo.”