Pro-LGBT activist, Bisi Alimi has blasted Nollywood actors and actresses as well as Nigerian citizens for asking why the latest movie “Black Panther” which clearly speaks about African culture didn’t feature any Nollywood actor.

Bisi took to his Facebook page to call out Nollywood actors of not having the skills to feature in the movie. He said it was acting that was required in Black Panther and not shouting and screaming that is filled in Nollywood movies.

Read what he wrote;

“The idea that they should have been a Nigerians actor in Black Panther is ludicrous. I am going to say this, as a matter of fact; there is no actor (male or female) in Nigeria that can act at such quality.

Black Panther was not about “screaming and shouting”, it was about “acting” and those are not the same thing. And don’t get me started at Nnaji (Genevieve Nnaji), she cannot act.
The industry can be better, but they also need to know and accept they are rubbish at the moment and then go for training, I mean like quality training. In a country that gave us Nollywood to think we don’t have a specialist drama school? It’s sad.

These are really strong on Nollywood you may not like their acting skills but many Nigerian recommends them and hold them in high esteem.