Eccentric Nigerian performer and visual artist, Yinka Davies says boredom is to be blamed for celebrity marriage break up among celebrities the world over .

The singer and dancer said communication breakdown and lack of knowledge on what to do are to be blamed for celebrity marriage break ups. I think people are bored generally; and when people are bored they get into all sorts of things. There is a major disconnect, communication breakdown. Not knowing what to do is part of the boredom.

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The ebony skinned beauty and mother of two also gave her view on why she has not been invited to movie sets as she sarcastically asked if she is too short to be seen by producer and directors.

“ I don’t know about Nollywood. Why? I am too short, is it that they can’t see me? Is that why you have not been invited? We inquired, I have never been anywhere near where they have auditions or meetings.

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On the state of the music industry, poor lyrics and piracy here is what Yinka has to say “We have a lot of things blown out of proportion. There is nobody to blame for whatever it is that has gone wrong in the Nigerian music industry, but I believe by the grace of God, we will make sense out of everything very soon.

Would she say that the industry is growing? Yes, it is. It’s sad we allowed it to sleep. Let’s look at piracy, what is your take on it? Everything will be clear when round pegs get into round holes, things will get cracking.