Bobrisky threatens to expose Very Dark Man’s pimp

The online war between the crossdresser Bobrisky and controversial social media activist, Very Dark Man has resumed with the self-acclaimed “Mummy of Lagos” threatening to expose VDM’s pimp.

Bobrisky’s most recent post was prompted by VDM’s accusation that he misled the popular Abuja-based crossdresser, identified as Abuja Area Mama, and other young boys who are following in his steps.

Responding to VDM via his Instagram account, Bobrisky alleged that the online personality was desperate for fame so he was sleeping with fellow men for money.

The crossdresser also threatened to uncover VDM’s pimp.

Bobrisky wrote, “Very dark man you know have blocked you since right? During the days of ur dirty life… now let me remind you. Remember the guy that pimp you around to many dirty Lagos boys? I can see you are barking like a dog in labour in one of ur videos. You can’t find my sex tape anywhere because I’m responsible and I wasn’t desperate for money like you do” (sic).

In another post Bobrisky made in continuation of his social media war with VDM, he warned the activist never to mention his name again in his videos or he would be dealt with.

“Those people you all look down on are the most strongest and powerful don’t dare me. Those people you said they are sleeping with me will be the ones that will help me and lock u up. Since ur mouth has no Bustop you just put ur mouth in everything that doesn’t involve you it’s fine but don’t involve my name. This is the second time you are involving my name in ur video. The last one will shock you,” he warned. (sic)

The crossdresser also shaded VDM that his sex videos are everywhere because his lives a useless life.