Women earn more in Nollywood because… – Actor Nobert Young

Actor Nobert Young has dismissed claims that women in Nollywood make more money than their male counterparts because they are wayward.

According to the veteran actor, women make more money than men in the industry because they have stronger bargaining power.

Young also touched on a series of topics including the evolution of Nollywood, pension plans for veteran actors, and how the government can contribute to the development of the film industry.

“People love women, they love what they do and women attract more money. It does not make them wayward or anything like that, women get gifts more than men do. Also, every actor has their own bargaining power and maybe the women are bargaining better,” he stated.

“But I do not go asking how much you are paid, and you do not come asking me how much I am paid. Better is relative, I think it depends on priorities and what is better for you might not be better for me,” he added.

He also said that because Nollywood is a popular industry, the issue of ailing actors soliciting funds for treatment is always amplified and blown out of proportion.

“If you are on social media you will see many people doing this but everybody thinks it is only in Nollywood. It happens all over the world,” he said.