Olaniyi Afonja, better known as Sanyeri was shocked when people started calling him that they saw a post on the internet that he got a new baby from a lover. No name of the lover was mentioned.

They only put the picture of the baby and him. Later, they added the picture of his wife.

Sanyeri said “ May be the child was dumped somewhere and they’re looking for a father for her or the baby was missing and was found and they want to give her father, they now thought it’s Sanyeri. To be honest with you, I knew nothing about it. I don’t know the lover they’re talking about. It’s just a cheap blackmail of my person. People should just ignore the story.”

“I have no other woman apart from my wife, Hawawu and there’s no child anywhere apart from my children. Some people only take delight in attacking you when they know you’re topical and any post about you will surely trend on the internet. And some won’t call to find out as you have done now; they will just put their pen on paper. Before you know it, the news is everywhere. I think they just want to cause disaffection between myself and my wife, and there is no way for them.

He added “It’s the same set of rumour mongers that said, about a month ago, that I jumped from a storey building and broke my legs. I don’t know if the legs I walk with now belong to them or their fathers. Some jobless people only peddle false alarm. I see everything as fraud and mischief. People should just shun it.”