Controversial boxer Bukom Banku ,who has repented from bleaching his skin has confessed some of the terrible sins he has committed when he was a sinner.  The worst of his sins was committing incest when he slept with his sister.

He said that he is not going to beat up anyone again like he used to do in the past. The boxer has suffered from negative press over the years. He made headlines after bleaching his skin reiterated his support for President Mahama  pulled down his boxer and showed his buttocks to the camera..

In 2010, he allegedly assaulted his wife with whom he has two children and his brother-in-law, Theophilus Osei Duodu.  He was notorious for assaulting women who offend him or refuse his sexual advances. Even Ama K Abebrese recently called on authorities to deal with him after a pictures and videos of him fondling the breasts of young ladies popped up on social media.