Marriage we all know has its ups and down, marriage is a life time institution many have failed woefully, either because of circumstance or through nonchalant attitude and negligence.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, as all marriages come with a package, because as a couple from different background and lifestyle, there is bound to be a lot of adjustment to be done.

Sacrificing, adjusting, enduring, tolerance, care, support, are just few ingredients needed to get a peaceful home.

The rate of divorce happening is really alarming knowing so much, the kids are always the victim in such cases.

Our entertainers have been tagged as not been able to manage their homes and fame which is said to have caused many to have a broken home.

Although, a lot of them mostly debunk it, but the rate of celebrities’ marriage breakup is too alarming. But there is a couple who have weathered the storm together and still going on strong.

They are the envy of many, and a role model to many, their love is an example to many that true love still exists. Despite their ages, they remain inseparable.

If you are taking a wide guess, yes! It is Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs, as celebrities they have impacted in the lives of many and the couple just makes you believe age is no barrier to love.nollywood

They are both Nollywood actors who have spanned over a decade in Nigeria movie industry. When counting those who impacted tremendously in the growth of the industry, Joke Silva and Olu Jacob is not left out from the list.


Don’t you just admire this couple and wish your marriage last this long?