Accountant turned actress and movie producer Mosunmola Adeleye who has produced movies like “Alanu Kan Soso”,” Afori Forun”,” Kemi Afoju”,” Otelemuye”, “Opon Ti sun’.

The existence of caucus in the Yoruba industry has given a life line to many people to achieve their dreams and aspirations of becoming actors and actresses. The mother of one argued that if these caucus were not it place it would have been difficult for her and other act to break .

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“I belong to the Owolabi Films Production in Abeokuta, Ogun State but my direct boss is Rasaq Oyadiran of Itu Baruka Film Production. I was an apprentice before but I am free now. Because of the group I belong to,I am known as Mosun Baruka.”

How beneficial are these group? Mosunmola Adeleye had this to say

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I will say yes. At least they are promoting people like me. It is not compulsory that you belong to a group or a caucus, it is a matter of choice. I know from experience that it helps us to grow faster in the industry. If a member of your group is producing a film, you are most likely to be invited to partake in the production.

If you belong to a group you can be called upon at any time for a role. Say for instance, you are 30 in your group and there are 20 producers, it means you have access to feature in those producers’ movies. If you don’t belong in a group your chances of being given a role is minimal. This is the reason we don’t see some faces quite often as others.