Well, well, well, in the year 2007…it was actually 2006…I felt that I have fulfilled my desire in the movie industry. After all the movies and the awards, I just felt I needed to move on and do something else, so I set out for politics.

In 2006, I registered with the presently ruling party PDP and contested for house of reps in Imo state. I won the primaries and immediately after that, I was faced with all sorts of threats.

Some people felt I should not be a star in a movie industry and a star in the politics as well. So they said, “no, Clems, you are not supposed to be here, go and face your movie and leave us here.”

I felt that was what led them to do what they did. My car was attacked. I escaped their attacks severally. My cousin was killed, my driver escaped with a bullet. It was that serious. They thought I was inside the car and they wanted to eliminate me.

I had to leave Owerri and escaped through Enugu to Abuja, and travelled out of the country to UK and from there to America.

In fact, I was just running around for my safety. What helped me mostly is that I’m a citizen so I do not have limits to what I can do out there. But thanks to God, I’m back home now for good. I came back to Nigeria last year, because I believe everything is calm now.