There is nowhere it is written in the constitution that I am not supposed to lead the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria,AGN.My opponents who are calling me ex-convict are still the same people who are asking me to run.If I am that a bad person who they are painting the picture,why are they asking me to run for vice president South South? If I am that person they claim that I am,why was I Rivers State Chapter Chairman?

There is nowhere in the constitution which will make me not run for this position.To correct the impression,I am not an ex-convict.I am on appeal and until that appeal is decided,I am not an ex-convict and will never be.

I was involved in an unfortunate accident and I am sorry that it happened.I don’t have anything else to say,but if this is the only thing they have against me,I think they should go and think more because it will never work

For the very first time in the history of Actors’ Guild of Nigeria(AGN),a woman is strongly aspiring to lead.

Ex-beauty queen and sizzling pretty babe Ibinabo Fiberesima, is right now slugging it out with tough men in AGN for the control of the hot seat.

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Why Ibinabo Fiberesima might go to jail -Lawyer.