Nkechi Blessing: Celebrities bash themselves online for clout

Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing, has disclosed that social media feud between celebrities within the country is a means to chase clout.

Speaking on the topic at a recent interview, Blessing, who is notorious for fighting dirty with her colleagues on social media, said it is a publicity stunt for celebrities.

The actress said, “My thoughts on celebrities bashing each other on the Internet, I feel it’s some form of publicity stunt.

“By the time they come out on social media to exchange words, is either they have a new single coming up or they’re about to drop a song. So most times when I see celebrities fighting online, I just walk away because most times we sit down and plan these things.

“Sometimes, it’s not actually bad blood. As I said they might want to release a single so they will need all the clout and engagements to get their songs out there in your faces. So that’s it literally.”

Recall that the Nigerian entertainment scene in recent times has witnessed top celebrities fight dirty on social media while inviting their various fanbases to partake in the fights.