Vee Iye to stop hugging colleagues, others because…

Nollywood actress, Vee Iye, simply known as Vee has given reasons why she would stop hugging people.

The former Big Brother who did not separate her colleagues said a lot of people weren’t using deodorant when it was affordable so she is scared of hugging now that it’s expensive.

According to the actress, she will only resume hugging people when the price of deodorant goes down.

On her X handle, she wrote, “I’m not hugging anyone until the price of deodorant goes down. Some of you weren’t using it when it was 1k, God help us now that it’s 5k.”

She also lamented about the skyrocketing price of wigs and the cost of maintenance.

“I’m getting tired of wigs. The prices, the maintenance, the heat. It’s all too much for me right now,” she said.