When I read this article, couldn’t help but say that Charly Boy really took it by the horns this time, even with all the controversies surrounding him, he still picks up his pen to write whatever he feels like, enjoy this peace from charly boy
The journey from the village was very hectic, as I had to travel a dusty road to Owerri before catching the small plane that was made available by the airline. I was famished (not for the snack on board), and needed to just soak myself in bubble bath.

As soon as I got home from the airport, I rushed into the shower so I could quickly settle to the sumptuous meal quietly waiting for me downstairs at the dining.

I felt relieved with the shower, leaving water streaks on my body and in my birthday suit, I made for my walk-in closet which is right across my open plain bath area.

Midway, a man stands tall looking right into my eyes.

Ahh, what is this, who are you?

This Male bears a lot of semblance with me, physically and as I will conclude hereafter, psychologically, socially, materially, even spiritually.
How I connect with this being is a spiritual thing! We have a lot in common, too much!

He’s sometimes mischievous, just like me, fascinated by magic and hocus-pocus; dogged, stubborn, tenacious and what have you.
Vulnerable in many ways, but he has found grand ways of covering his own back, since not many people will do that for you these days.
I see a lot of me in him.

He gets his hand in almost any and every pie, many times burning not only his fingers; but one thing is, he stands by his actions and intents any day. What he believes in, he resides in. He identifies a good cause and, off he goes; even when others in the same cause begin to drag.

He’s a stickler for order and decency, a very organized soul, passionate with whatever he agrees to put his weight behind.

A lot of times, close associates, even family members wonder why he be-labors himself with matters that don’t concern him directly, after all, the ‘baddest’ cabals and cartels fear him, no one would dare dare him.

If he believes in you, he can love you forever, stay by you through thick and thin.

A lover of life and living, too meticulous about health and cleanliness; yet he stoops even in the lowest of dungeons to pull up wasting souls wallowing in murky, dirty waters.

Though he has fears, of varying dimensions, he’s never afraid to confront them, never afraid to tackle, to dribble, even when he stumbles!
He’s the only one who knows how fast his heart beats when he confronts a new challenge or venture, but then, he has mastered the art of dealing with stage fright or shyness that it’s so difficult for even his closest skin to believe he can be afraid or shy, in very trying circumstances.

I often tell him he’s a Master at his game…very daring!

This dude is not one you may refer to as possessing a handsome face, but he’s certainly a Hot Bod (body), spending hours in the gym to ensure that no part is rickety, while donning a skin so smooth and velvety like that of a newborn.

This body is to die for!

He says it himself; he is so vain; dedicating ample time to taking care of his external, so that the true internal is not misrepresented.

I thought I was so hungry and couldn’t wait to finish my shower but here I am, standing in front of this man, in the nude, by now the water on me is all dried up, standing in front of this enigma, staring each other in the face!

I realize, I don’t just bear a semblance with this Dude, I’m actually he and he is me.

In front of my gigantic antic mirror that stands tall on the wall between my bathroom and my walk-in closet, I stopped to look at the guy in the mirror.

Lost in thought, standing in front of me. I see Me!

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