British Labour politician Chuka Umunna is the luckiest man alive! We do not need to envy him because he just got married to Alice Sullivan.  Chuka had proposed to Alice in Octover 2015, some days he had said he would run for Labour top position.

 However, he step down for Jeremy Corbyn to succeed Ed Milliband for the party’s leadership.

Chuka wanted privacy and didn’t want people poke nosing in his private life. He had worked as a nightclub DJ and admitting to have smoked “soft drugs” as a teenager growing up in Brixton.

His relationship with Alice, who is also the daughter of a millionaire of Xerox executive, caused a lot of buzz in the media when it was revealed. The couple beam as they walk down the path flanked by guests tossing petals in the air. Alice was beautiful in her elegant white dress, which off-the-shoulder wedding dress with a long train and veil.

Chuka opted for a wore grey trousers paired with a spotted tie, vest and black blazer for the big day. He captioned their wedding picture ““Feel like the luckiest man alive.”