About six suspected Boko Haram members have been apprehended by civilian joint task force during the weekend at various locations in Lagos state.

The suspects confessed that the military attacks on them were so intense that the state, especially areas like Bama, Baga and Konduga local government council areas of Borno state were they hail from was no longer conducive for them.

The head of the civilian joint task force in Lagos, Mustapha Mohammed said that two of the suspects were arrested at Isheri-Ojodu Berger, three others at their hideout in Victoria Island and the sixth suspect close to a church in Festac town.

“One of their leaders that was hiding at a church in FESTAC town was arrested and handed over to security agents,” Mohammed said.

“You know we are from Borno State where these people also hail from and we know their communities. Our people back home do monitor them, and once they leave Maiduguri, we would be alerted so that we can be on the lookout.”

He stated that he has group who have been deployed to 57 local government areas in Lagos and Ogun states, and has been in operation for five years. He added that they have in time past apprehended a lot of members of the insurgents and handed over to the appropriate authority, Department of State Security(DSS) and the police.