KEFEE EXPLODES”alec is a liar!”

Every story has two sides and just as alec godwin has taken his celebrity wife to the cleaners,revealing to the public intimate details of their union and what caused their marriage break up,kefee has risen up like a wounded lion and answered the questions posed to her.she kept telling us her intention was not to ridicule alec but to clear some of the lies he told against her.heres her own side of the story as explained to STELLA DIMOKO-KORKUS!

—-when did things begin to get so bad between you and alec? started six months after our wedding.

—what caused the problems?

…he beat me six months into our marriage.i dont want to go into the details,i only want to address the lies he told against me in the two interviews he granted.

–now lets get straight to the point.alec mentioned a man whom supposedly gave you a sexually trasmited disease.who is the uche guy that you went to see in abuja that gave you std?

I met uche with some other people at the abuja airport,and as usual we took photographs that they fowarded to my mail box.among the guys,one told me during our conversation while waiting for boarding that he works with a telecommunications company,and he had a friend who wanted to do an album,needed a manager and all,i told him about alecs talent hunt,and knowing that alec needed sponsorship,i collected his number,and when they asked for my contact i gave out my cards which had both alecs and my numbers and my email address.when i got to lagos,i told alec about the people i met and gave him the number of the telecomms guy because i had told him to expect alecs call.when they fowarded the pictures we took to my mail box,alec told me i got some pics in my box because he had access to my mailbox,i introduced them to him,and that was it,he promised to call and arrange to meet with the guy.during easter season the uche guy sent me an sms like its done during festive season,there was nothing abnormal in the msg,by this time alec had packed me out of the house again,and when he came begging as usual,i told him to inform his people because it was getting out of hand,he refused,telling me that when i see something serious i will run back on my own.he had told me he had press power,that he can make and can break me.he called me to show me what a daily newspaper wrote about me,and said i should come back to the house for my own good,so he will do a press conference and tell help me tell people that the report was a lie ,that nothing of such ever happened,but i refused and told him to do what i asked him to do to get me back into the house.when he realized i fowarded a msg that implicated him to a man of God who confronted him,he came to me,snatched my phones and started deleting messages that could implicate him from my phones,itold my aunty and cousin about it and they went after him to collect my phones,that was when he saw the easter sms sent by the uche guy.i apologise to mr uche for the embarrassment.

—so why does alec think you contacted std from him?he said he took you to the doctor for treatment

…He said it because he wants to cover up his evil deed. my brothers and sisters,mothers and fathers,please help me answer this…which man will take that rubbish from a woman he married? you can find out from my dr at st ives specialist hospital,ikeja.he will tell you whetherhe has ever treated me for std or not.or maybe alec should mention the hospital and doctor that he took me to for treatment.i didnt sleep with uche and alec has been the only man i have ever known and God is my witness.

—so you didnt have std like he said?

no,God forbid.rather he told me he contacted std from his secretary,chioma ede and that was the reason he fired her.the counsel of the wicked shall turn to foolishness.what kind of lie is this?

…what was your reaction when he told you he had contacted std?did he pass it on to you and then take you to the doctor for treatment?

—he only told me months after.he said i was in london when it happened..because when i got back from that trip,he had fired her.after he confessed to me, i got scared of him and he noticed and begged me,and told me he had treated himself,that he was clean.

–okay lets move on.why did you encourage him to go out and have extra marital affairs and then come back to give you the details?

…..first of all,i agreed to marry him because i loved him,i went against my parents wish,theres no way i could have said that what he said was just a lie to cover up the adultery he commited with the girls he told me about.he has the habbit coming to tell me stuff i dont want to hear,even before we got married he had told me stuff but i loved him so much and naively thought he would change after marriage,but it got worse,and i realised he probably saw me like a rev father whom he will confess to for 4giveness every time .

….-now lets go to the issue of his beating you.,in his interview,he said he never laid a hand onyou.did he actually ever beat you?who witnessed any of these beatings?

—-i am not surprised at all because he told me no one will believe me if i say it.He beat me up so bad,he used a mop stick to hit me one time and my ear got swollen,he broke my wrist and strangled me with an exercise kit the last time.his parents knew about it,his elder sister,his brothers,my parents all know.Happiness his mothers maid was around when he beat me three times,his friend silas who came visiting from Germany was around when he broke my wrist, pastor monday a friend of the family was aware of it,the gate men i always ran out to whnever he beat me will testify to this,some of the staff at the office and a neighbour.only the househelp and silas witnessed the actual beatings.

–why did you stay and take the beatings?

…-because i loved him and didnt want a broken marriage,i thought he would change with time even though and my parents had warned me not to marry him because of his family background.

–what is wrong with his family background?

…in sapele, they were very popular because of his brothers who were armed robbers.

…so you knew all this and you still went ahead and married him?

…i told myself and my dad that he was different,that they shouldnt jugde him with what his brothers had done . you can type his surname UWUMARONGIE on google and see for yourselves what happened to another of his brother in the US.

…theres the issue of bed wetting going around,was this bed wetting one of the reasons the marriage collapsed?

–no the bed wetting was not the issue,i loved alec,it was the physical abuse that collapsed the marriage.nobody is perfect,if not for the violence things would have been different,his mum said he would change with time but he didnt.

–he also made mention of the fact that anytime there was a little misunderstanding you would ask for the car keys,no man can take that kind of behaviour from his wife you know

.—–true,no man can take that from his wife but i was a good wife to alec,i submitted to him completely,i didnt even learn to drive untill 2yrs ago.what he said,it never happened,he was just trying to make me look proud and disrespectful.i bought the jeep when i came back from london and allowed him register it in his name ,what else can a wife do?

-but he said both of you used to run one account and he used to pay the how could you have paid for the ‘jeep’?

—- we had a joint account,but i opened a personal account when his mum advised me to because she saw he was squandering money and not saving it.he was mad at his mum for advising me to do that,he said we needed a good account statement for travelling abraod.

-how could you have paid for the jeep and let him register it in his name?

–it was when i came back to nigeria,i came in with some money from the shows in london.i bought the car from his mother,even if they refuse to say the truth,heaven is my witness.

–why did you bring up the issue of anal sex ?was that neccessary?.

..he accused me of a lot of dirty things and not allowing him his rights as a husband which was not true,anal sex was the only thing i refused him.

-but he said you refused him sex and even used to cry and lie down like a log of wood because you were circumcised

….thats so so not will a young beautiful girl like me refuse my husband sex and still be promiscious???does that make sense?

…what about his sleeping with all your friends?is this true?

i dont have friends anymore and i dont want it to look like they broke the marriage.they worked for us,he told me about his sexcapades with them but this isnt about them please so lets move on to another question.

-according to alec,you have been trying to reconcile with him but he refused,why dont you settle out of court and try to mend the marraige?

—you have to be alive to be married,if it wasnt for the phone call that interrupted his strangling me ,he would have killed me and denied it so easily and people wont even believe he beats me because he doesnt look it and he knows and tells me no one will ever beleive me if i say it.this last time after beating and throwing me out,he came back begging for forgiveness as usual,i told him i had forgiven him but wanted his people to go to my people to beg because i was tired of doing same thing over and over again,but he refused.i never begged him because i knew he could easily kill me if i gave him the chance to beat me again ,i wasnt happy because i was suffering and smiling.he told me he had press power and can manipulate them against me and he did,that was when i knew it was over,and sent him the divorce papers.

-but you are supposed to be a lady of strong christian faith,why did you choose divorce as the way out?

….i found out that he didnt love me as i thought,realised all he wanted was my career not me,he granted an interview descrbing his ideal woman as tall, fair, and slim,which i didnt fit in and when he was asked why he married me,he said he said he liked the way kefee relates to people,her confidence on stage,and anyone would know shes going somewhere, even in his recent interview he said he sees me as his dream project when he was asked about the goodtimes shared with me.there wasnt any need to decieve myself anymore,as a christian i know i dont need to die for anyone i did all i could to make it work,i deserve to be can see hes fighting my career now because he boasted he would,thats why he came out with all these now after the lauch of my new album.

-he said he wrote all the songs on your album but you didnt give him any credit

….he should have said he sang it and i mimed along. please my poeple go get copies of my album,listen and decide,i wrote most of my songs from personal experience,.he is deceiving everyone with his-holier-than thou attitude to get public pity.

…what about the issue of the american visa?it was your fault he didnt travel?

— is that possible?.estee my partner and his younger sister was to travell abroad when he won the visa lottery and said we should go and continue the estee and kefee music.he didnt get the visa for many reasons,one of which was that his sister travelled with a 2week visa and refused to come back to nigeria,and his family members are in the US without US visa.they told him they know he will get in anyhow but it wasnt going to be that easy,i was sincerely astonished when he accused me of being the reason he didnt leave the country when i know he tried travelling several times but was refused.the second reason he was refused visa was that he tried using the pasport his brothers used to travel abroad twice but it didnt work,cos he was caught with the fake does that indicate i prevented him from travelling?

…a lot of people are disappointed in both of you for not working out your marraige and making it a public matter,what do you have to say to your fans?

….i appreciate my fans alot,and one thing i owe them is to stay alive,i am sure they will appreciate the fact that it is better to stay alive to serve them than to die in an abusive marriage,while i totally allign with their feelings,i am sure they also share in mine…and like everyone i am here for a purpose,which include serving my fans and humanity….alec is not fighting me,he is fighting God and heaven will vindcate me.i never wanted things to turn out this way but God knows best

–what is your purpose for granting this interview?revenge?

No,it is for my fans who showed me love and wanted to hear the truth as it is and for people espesially young girls to learn from my experience.granting thisinterview is not easy for me.a lot of people have advised me to keep quiet and let this pass but if i dont speak out,these lies told by alec will be recorded alongisde myname,i want it to be known that i tackled his lies.God bears me witness that everything i have said here is the truth!..God is my witness.