The call came on sunday febuary 1,2009 and the caller identifiedherself as efosa etiose.

hear what she had to say”i used to be alecs personal assistant,infact i was there when both alec and kefee started dating.kefee is not wayward at all and those who know her will confirm.i was very shocked to read alecs interview and the things he said about kefee.i cannot sit down and watch him telling so much lies because he feels he has access to grant interviews and lie.
my reason for calling you to tell you that alec used to beat the living daylight out of keffee and it is not a secret so i wonder why he is lying about it.
i cannot marry a man like alec who beats a lady.alec used to embarass kefee in the office where everyone was,alec used to date one chioma in the office,when keffee reacted,alec got angry and beat her and broke her hand the last time he beat her,it was the aboki in the house that rescued kefee.he used something to tie her neck and almost killed her.alec is talking about kefee refusing him can a reasonable husband be asking his wife for anal sex?
that was what caused the major problem between them because he talks a lot and he used to say it then,he even said that kefee was too stiff and unromantic.”

Stella:you were there and know that this is what caused the problem?

efosa:that is what caused the problem,alec mouth dey close?he told me that kefee is very stiff.when he broke her wrist,i tried to interven and bring peace and i called alec and asked him what was happenng and he was complaining that she was very stiff in bed,it was later that i learnt that their fight was because kefee refused him anal sex.keffe loves alec and thats why she bought him the jeep when she didnt have any car herself.

Stella:wait.was it kefee that bought the jeep or alec?

efosa:of cause,does alec have a job?everything he has is kefees sweat,she used to play shows shes not even aware of just to remove shame because he used to collect money and book shows for her even without telling her.she was paying all the bills including houserent and salaries of all the staff but nobody knew about this but now he is granting interviews and telling lies.the only thing about kefee is that her mouthis sharp and whenever alec comes to pick her up late from the office she used to scold him too sharply.i am saying it now that alec used to beat kefee for little unreasonable things.she is lucky to have survived his beatings thats all i know.alec was sleeping around with anyone that works for them and it was no secret.
ehen,there was one time that wristwatch made them have problems,alec wanted kefee to pay for a watch and she opted to settle all their bills first,he beat her up for this.

Stella:so you no longger work for both of them right?whats your relationship with both of them?

efosa:we are friends,i talk with both of them,i was with alec last on january 2,2009.

Stella:why are you doing this?
Efosa:i hate people who dont tell the truth,i am shocked that alec choose a public forumto lie,he should have kept quiet or maybe he has forgotten that people who know what he did to kefee can come out too and talk for her,i hate liars.they have broken up,they should go their seperate way,whats all this unnecesssary advertisement?alec should respect himself and stop lying all over the place abeg.i don talk my own.

Stella d.k