Ruggedman granted an interview speaking his mind and he says its the last time he will address his ‘beef’ with fellow rapper mode9.
we decided to contact mode9 to see if he would let us hear his side of the story,since we are peacemakers sort of,we wanted to see a way forward.after gisting with babatunde(oh thats mode9’s name)for a while,heres what he told us:

”i have no reply for ruggedman because i am not a market woman.all he needs to know is in my track deathblow part2 which will be out soon,my body is shaking to let him know what i know.he should go back to the studio and reply me and i will release my info on him
.the info is too much and i will not trade words with him on any magazine,tell him to go back to the studio and do it the way real rappers do
it.if person shit,them no dey know,na person when match am dey know”.
on further probe,he revealed that the whole beef was started by ruggedman who is now pretending like he doesnt know how it started.
mode9 and ruggedman,if you guys dont stop the beef,i wont stop writing about it!…next!